what we aim for

about the TUM Carbon Removal Initiative e.V.

The TUM Carbon Removal Initiative e.V. addresses the anthropogenic induced climate change which poses a fundamental threat to biodiversity and human-wellbeing. Therefore, a group of students, scientists and environmental enthusiasts have teamed up to introduce technologies that actively capture and store CO2 as dry ice.
TUM Carbon is a registered organization of students from the Technical University of Munich and other universities aiming to develop and build a technology that can efficiently sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and store it for at least 100 years. In that way, we aim to contribute our part to the global effort in combating climate change, to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations and their impacts.

our core values

In building a sustainable future, we believe that the association’s greatest strength - and the key to our success - is the quality of our members. To improve on this strength, TUM Carbon Removal needs to create a culture and environment that enables all members to contribute to their maximum potential. We find it critical to define core values that are essential for all members. The core values can be used as a base on which we build and strengthen a better future.

We value the environment, share respect for life and are committed to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Social Responsibility
We act respectfully in ways that benefit humankind as a whole.

We research and develop technology based on scientific methods.TransparencyWe are open and honest about our technology, shortcomings and successes.

our vision

We share a broad and profound understanding of ecosystems and nature based on science. Through our technology, we promote and support a sustainable transition towards a carbon-neutral world mitigating the effects of climate change. Our aim is to reach pre-industrial concentration of 250 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere and therefore prevent reaching further tipping points. We foster a transition to a global economy within the planetary capabilities by closing the anthropogenic carbon cycle with carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. To achieve this, we set out to boost humanity’s efforts in upscaling CDR technologies. Using CDR to offset non-preventable emissions, these technologies must not be seen as a way out to continue emitting CO2 in the same order. In order to minimize non-preventable emissions, further decarbonisation of our energy supply and more efficient usage of our resources, among other measures, are necessary for a broader societal transformation. Our technology is only one element to reach a climate just world.
We strive for cultural development that incorporates societal change towards climate justice. Furthermore, we promote to measure wealth not only on basis of economic success, but also in terms of well-being in the broader sense. In doing so, we value human rights and encourage equal participation, independent of gender, sexual orientation, age and race.

our mission

We plan to build a demonstrator plant to remove 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere, freeze it into dry ice and store it for decades until a safer scalable sequestration process with more net benefits has been established. As a keeper of knowledge and guardian of the technology, we will do what is in our power to ensure the technology is applied in a responsible way. We encourage and support initiatives from the civil society as well as from existing industries or governments in establishing carbon removal plants up to our capabilities. Moreover, we promote knowledge transfer to help and provide as many qualified specialists for carbon removal. As a beneficial association, we are designated to tasks of research in carbon removal. Possible income will be used to benefit the association and its goals.