who we are

We, the 'TUM Carbon Removal Initiative‘, are a non-profit organization and student initiative from the Technical University of Munich. With 40 students from TUM as members, we want to innovate in the field of carbon removal, while also increasing the awareness of the topic at the university.
Our whole team shares the same passion to innovate, have an impact and take action to fight climate change and global warming.




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tonnes of CO2 per year

what we do

 Our goal is to develop a cheap and scalable 'Direct Air Capture & Storage' solution to mitigate the effects of climate change.
With the technology that we are currently developing, we want to tackle two core issues of carbon removal: Scalability and Traceability. We have already constructed prototypes and have conducted experiments to validate our approach.
In the upcoming year we will develop and construct a 20 t/year ‘Direct Air Capture’ pilot plant at TUM to showcase the efficiency and feasibility of our technology on a larger scale. To do so successfully, we need your help!

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Our Team

Felix Martl
Rohith Balachandran
Pedro de Assis Godoy
Samuel Waibel
Maximilian Schoen
Devika Upadhye
Yanyan Fei
Marcus Popp
Moritz Rudolph
Pascale Schuetze
Amandeep Thakur
Nicolas Krause
Veronika Ganaylyuk
Jotirmoyee Biswas
Felix Felber
Maximilian Ammerer
Moritz Catarinelli
Ridhin Paul
Nathan Mao
Andrea Alberdi Hidalgo
Amir Kadhem Muhsen
Ko-Yu Chen
Diego Nino
Jia Xuan Lee
Aysha Maria Austermühle Pardo
Daniel Klingler
Simeon Schneider
Korbinian Butterer
Luiza Guimarães Monteiro Ferreira da Costa
Hyein Kim
Kati Pairojtanachai
Hassan Hussein
Andreas Fill
Zan Stanonik
Leo Laschinger
Jihun Han
Florian Strunk
Sri Vijay Vangapandu
Qianqian Wu
Justus Scharfstädt
Maximilian Birnboeck
Sebastian Ruffert
Alexander Zakher
Marie-Louise Heß
Greta Baden